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Special summer offer: 2 + 2 for free

Here is the special Poppers summer offer. Take 2 Radical Rush big or 2 Push Black Label small and get 2 for free! This offer is valid till 7th of June 2017. Plus 30% off on Poppers Push small, Rush Zero small, Rush Ultra Strong big and Iron Horse big. Plus many more offers in… Read more »

Push Zero Poppers

Do you want to be immediately horny? Then try the new Poppers PUSH ZERO. It will not only provide you an immense erection but as well incredible orgasms! You will face endurance that you maybe did not know since a long time. This new kind of Poppers will fascinate you by his flavor and intensity…. Read more »


Attention – this amyl nitrate Poppers is called EXPLOSIVE! And there is a good reason for it! You open the bottle, you will listen to this well-known popping sound and then you will inhale. Just wait a few seconds and then you will feel the effect! It will be like an explosion! Whatever you do,… Read more »


Do you want to wake up your inner tiger? Or do you intend to find out if there is a tiger sleeping inside you? Why not finding out by using Poppers BLACK TIGER? You will surely love the special flavour of the content of this little bottle! It gives you strength and endurance no matter… Read more »

FIST Strong

Poppers Fist is one of your biggest desire to fist yourself or to be fisted? Why do you refrain from it? Try FIST Strong and make your dreams come true! Just open the little bottle of amyl nitrate and inhale the content. You quickly will lose all your inhibitions and – welcome to the world… Read more »

Ultra Strong Poppers for sale

Right now we have several Ultra Strong Popper brands for sale. Save up to 40%. Rush Ultra Strong for 7,90 € 5,50 € Rush Ultra Strong (Black Label) 9,90 € 5,90 € Rave Ultra Strong 8,90 € 5,90 € Jungle Juice Ultra Strong 7,90 € 5,50 € There have also discounts on big bottles, Poppers… Read more »


Reading the name – ORGASMUS – lets you already understand what this kind of Poppers will give you – an intense orgasm! The product is quite new but has aready a lot of fans who do not want to use anything else. It has a completely new flavor which you surely will appreciate. It is… Read more »

Sale – up to 30% off

Get now Poppers (like Rush Ultra Strong), Anal douche, Penis Rings, Penis Pumps, Dildos, Anal plugs and many other articles with up to 30% discount. Only until 10th of May. Hurry up and get more for your money. Only while stocks last.

RUSH Poppers

A famous classic among all Poppers we know is RUSH Poppers! It has already been developed in the 70ies by the US American John Miller, who founded the company PWD, and is for sure the most known and most popular product all over the world. RUSH has a very pleasant flavor that users appreciate especially…. Read more »

Poppers for gays and heterosexuals

Do you still believe that Poppers are only used in the gay scene? Then you are absolutely wrong! More and more people use them and appreciate their special effect. It is true that still more gays than heterosexuals know about Poppers. But as they become more and more popular they will soon be better known… Read more »