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We wish you a happy Easter

Ladies and Gentlemen….

It is Easter. Yes, a bit difficult Easter… due to Corona times. But hey, it is still time to look for Easter eggs. And as long as you are just 2 people… you can still look for them wherever you want. Inside it even doesn’t matter how many people you are (as long as you don’t tell anybody) 😉

Of course we have a lot of Easter specials and discounts for you. Like Poppers Radikal Rush for just 5,90 € (instead of 9,90 € – 40% off!). Or the Easter packs – buy 3 and get 1 for free!
Or Poppers Rush Ultra Strong, Poppers Super Rush, Poppers Iron Horse, Poppers Ice, Poppers Rush Black Label (and more) with 30% off!

We do also have huge discounts on sex toys (like vacuum pumps, dildos, penis rings, magazines, dvds and many other toys).

Valid till 15th of April 2020.

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Of course we are still shipping every day your order. We don’t give a fuck about Corona crisis. We do ship your Poppers order.

You need to stay at home… so make it a hot time at home 😉

Halloween special discount 2019

Halloween 2019

In 2 days is Halloween again. The creepiest night of the year.

Here you can get some hot stuff for this special night of the year. And for this special event we give you 15% discount for all items in our stock. Just enter the voucher code HAWE at the order form and save 15% for your Halloween party.

How it works:
Log in or create a new account for free. Enter your coupon code (HAWE) into the appropriate field at Shopping Cart and click on Redeem; the message Sale Code Activated will appear. At the end of the ordering process (after selecting shipping and payment methods), the discount will be subtracted.

Offer valid till 1st November 2019 now till 6st of November 2019

If you have forgotten to enter the coupon code during the ordering process, the code cannot be considered then!

Pop your party with Poppers

Have a great hot Halloween party with the best Poppers. Additionally we have more special offers for you. Like
Rush Poppers for 7,90 Euro 5,90 Euro till 31st October 2019
Radikal Rush Poppers (30ml) for 14,90 Euro 8,90 Euro till 30st October 2019
Amsterdam Zero Poppers 12,90 Euro 9,90 Euro till 30st October 2019
… and many more.
On top of the special offers you can add the voucher… so additional 15% off. We must be crazy! 😉

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Special summer offer: 2 + 2 for free

Here is the special Poppers summer offer. Take 2 Radical Rush big or 2 Push Black Label small and get 2 for free! This offer is valid till 7th of June 2017.

Plus 30% off on Poppers Push small, Rush Zero small, Rush Ultra Strong big and Iron Horse big.
Plus many more offers in the shop. To get to the shop just click on the right sight on your flag.

Get it now and have a hot summer.

Push Zero Poppers

Do you want to be immediately horny? Then try the new Poppers PUSH ZERO. It will not only provide you an immense erection but as well incredible orgasms! You will face endurance that you maybe did not know since a long time. This new kind of Poppers will fascinate you by his flavor and intensity. It is quite new but users who already tried Poppers PUSH ZERO do not want to go without it anymore! Do you want to surprise your partner and yourself with sex you didn’t have before? Then there is only one thing, you must do – use this new product and you both will be horny in some seconds. And as we all know there is only one way to get rid of horniness – you must have intense sex which will end with an orgasm!

Where does this special effect come from? First of all Poppers PUSH ZERO is a new combination out of two known ingredients which are combined to a mixture with a new and strong impact. The ingredients which are used are pure and thus made to last. The pellet in the bottle will bind water and will also be a positive factor to keep Poppers PUSH ZERO fresh and strong. Just try this newly developed product and become a fan of it as many users already did before!

Where to buy Poppers? Just click on the flag on the right side and go in the shop. There you can buy your Poppers discreet and secured.


Attention – this amyl nitrate Poppers is called EXPLOSIVE! And there is a good reason for it! You open the bottle, you will listen to this well-known popping sound and then you will inhale. Just wait a few seconds and then you will feel the effect! It will be like an explosion! Whatever you do, you will do it more intense than ever before. Having sex after using Poppers EXPLOSIVE might be an unknown experience. But you can be sure that it will make you explode like its name promises. An incredible climax is waiting for you and all you have to do is to open the little bottle.

Poppers EXPLOSIVE will be an unforgettable experience for you. You will like the crackerjack flavor. But the one thing, which you won’t forget is the very particular effect. The bottle has a little pellet in it to keep your poppers Explosive fresh. You can use it whenever you want, or whenever you want to explode again. Take it with you wherever you go as nobody knows when you will need it. Be prepared to make an awesome experience that will be overwhelming for you and for your partner. All that only because of this bottle which contains Poppers aroma EXPLOSIVE.


Do you want to wake up your inner tiger? Or do you intend to find out if there is a tiger sleeping inside you? Why not finding out by using Poppers BLACK TIGER? You will surely love the special flavour of the content of this little bottle! It gives you strength and endurance no matter which part you want to take in your sexual interactions! The black bottle with the tiger on it will already indicate the kind of experience that is waiting for you! You will go wild! Even if you will use Poppers BLACK TIGER alone, you will be surprised by its intensity and maybe your sex toys will be a little bit bigger than usually after you have inhaled Poppers BLACK TIGER!

Those who want to make a very strong experience should try to find their inner tiger with poppers BLACK TIGER! Use it once and you will enjoy the very special flavour and above all the effect of it. Go wild and find yourself in a sexual jungle in which all your special wishes will come true. Have fun and appreciate the effect and the newly found wildness you will feel thanks to Poppers BLACK TIGER!

FIST Strong

Poppers Fist is one of your biggest desire to fist yourself or to be fisted? Why do you refrain from it? Try FIST Strong and make your dreams come true! Just open the little bottle of amyl nitrate and inhale the content. You quickly will lose all your inhibitions and – welcome to the world of fisting sex! But the special mixture of FIST Strong will not only make you become uninhibited. It will also relax all your muscles, so that even your first fisting will be a pleasant adventure! Is your partner still too shy to fist you? Why do not both of you use FIST Strong? Share a dirty experience and both of you will be satisfied!

Do you still believe that fisting is something forbidden or something you better shouldn’t talk about? This is not true! The success and personal reports of other users of Poppers FIST Strong proves that many people want to have this kind of sex. If you hope that a fist fuck will finally provide you an orgasm, use FIST String and simply try it! You soon will belong to these people who know what it means to have a fist in one or in both of your holes. Just try Poppers FIST Strong right now!

Ultra Strong Poppers for sale

Right now we have several Ultra Strong Popper brands for sale. Save up to 40%.

Rush Ultra Strong for 7,90 € 5,50 €
Rush Ultra Strong (Black Label) 9,90 € 5,90 €
Rave Ultra Strong 8,90 € 5,90 €
Jungle Juice Ultra Strong 7,90 € 5,50 €

There have also discounts on big bottles, Poppers packs, sex toys, DVDs and clothes. Like Gay Porns for only 3 Euro.

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Reading the name – ORGASMUS – lets you already understand what this kind of Poppers will give you – an intense orgasm! The product is quite new but has aready a lot of fans who do not want to use anything else. It has a completely new flavor which you surely will appreciate. It is well-known for its delayed effect but as soon as the effect arises it will be an awesome feeling as you never had before. The little bottle can change your sexual life totally. Everybody who tried ORGASMUS poppers will hold on to this liquid.

If you are an experienced user of Poppers, don’t be astonished if you try ORGASMUS for the first time. It has a little delay until you will feel the effect. You will be overwhelmed by the new flavor! So, why should you not always have a little bottle of ORGASMUS Poppers with you? In case of some spontaneous sex it could be useful to inhale the liquid and to experience an unforgettable and long lasting orgasm. It might be the climax of your life due to this fluid liquid. Just try it and feel by yourself how Poppers and especially ORGASMUS can intensify your feelings!