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We wish you a happy Easter

Ladies and Gentlemen….

It is Easter. Yes, a bit difficult Easter… due to Corona times. But hey, it is still time to look for Easter eggs. And as long as you are just 2 people… you can still look for them wherever you want. Inside it even doesn’t matter how many people you are (as long as you don’t tell anybody) 😉

Of course we have a lot of Easter specials and discounts for you. Like Poppers Radikal Rush for just 5,90 € (instead of 9,90 € – 40% off!). Or the Easter packs – buy 3 and get 1 for free!
Or Poppers Rush Ultra Strong, Poppers Super Rush, Poppers Iron Horse, Poppers Ice, Poppers Rush Black Label (and more) with 30% off!

We do also have huge discounts on sex toys (like vacuum pumps, dildos, penis rings, magazines, dvds and many other toys).

Valid till 15th of April 2020.

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Of course we are still shipping every day your order. We don’t give a fuck about Corona crisis. We do ship your Poppers order.

You need to stay at home… so make it a hot time at home 😉

RUSH Poppers

Rush PoppersA famous classic among all Poppers we know is RUSH Poppers! It has already been developed in the 70ies by the US American John Miller, who founded the company PWD, and is for sure the most known and most popular product all over the world. RUSH has a very pleasant flavor that users appreciate especially. The flavor and the pureness of the product is guaranteed by the producer. You will find a little pellet in the bottle which prevents the decay of the liquid. Buying Rush means buying a clean and effective product.

But not only flavor and pureness are reasons why people like to buy Poppers RUSH. It is especially it’s effect which is appreciated since so many years. Even in our days people prefer to buy a Poppers  with which a lot of experiences have been made. By reading reports of others who have used RUSH, you will quickly recognize that this liquid will give you exactly, what you are looking for – an intense sexual experience! RUSH Poppers is used by homosexuals as well as by heterosexual people. Both trust this classic liquid that is not only used all over the world but has as well a great reputation since so many years among all worldwide users of Poppers.

To get your Rush Poppers just click on the right side on your flag.