The OrgasmusOrgasmus will beam you in another dimensions of sexual feelings.

Orgasmus is description enough… or? 😉

Try it and get unknown sexual feelings and explode in a final vulcano eruption!

Product gallery

1 single bottle of orgasmus

1 bottle Orgasmus with 9 ml liquid.

One single bottle is good if you wanna have a evening for yourself or with your partner. Enjoy it and let it bang. 😉

5 bottles orgasmus in the pack.

5 bottles Orgasmus with 45 ml (5x 9 ml).

Do you have a small party? Then is the 5 bottle box the right one. Enjoy it with your friends or with your partner, if the evening/night is a bit longer 😉

10 bottles orgasmus in the pack.10 bottles Orgasmus with 90 ml (10x 9 ml).

The 10 bottle pack is good for bigger parties. Or if you need a stock for “bad times”? This is the right pack for you.

18 bottles orgasmus in the pack.

18 bottles Orgasmus with 162 ml (18x 9 ml).

This box is for hard core user, parties and/or to store it. For which case do you need it, this mega huge pack is the right one for you. Save money, in compare to single purchases.

Poppers inhalerThe inhaler helps you to enjoy the full aroma of your Poppers.

Poppers maskDon’t waste the aroma of your holly Poppers. Inhale it with the mask and leave every other air outside.

More erotic, more feelings, more excitement