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Halloween special discount 2019

Halloween 2019

In 2 days is Halloween again. The creepiest night of the year.

Here you can get some hot stuff for this special night of the year. And for this special event we give you 15% discount for all items in our stock. Just enter the voucher code HAWE at the order form and save 15% for your Halloween party.

How it works:
Log in or create a new account for free. Enter your coupon code (HAWE) into the appropriate field at Shopping Cart and click on Redeem; the message Sale Code Activated will appear. At the end of the ordering process (after selecting shipping and payment methods), the discount will be subtracted.

Offer valid till 1st November 2019 now till 6st of November 2019

If you have forgotten to enter the coupon code during the ordering process, the code cannot be considered then!

Pop your party with Poppers

Have a great hot Halloween party with the best Poppers. Additionally we have more special offers for you. Like
Rush Poppers for 7,90 Euro 5,90 Euro till 31st October 2019
Radikal Rush Poppers (30ml) for 14,90 Euro 8,90 Euro till 30st October 2019
Amsterdam Zero Poppers 12,90 Euro 9,90 Euro till 30st October 2019
… and many more.
On top of the special offers you can add the voucher… so additional 15% off. We must be crazy! 😉

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Ultra Strong Poppers for sale

Right now we have several Ultra Strong Popper brands for sale. Save up to 40%.

Rush Ultra Strong for 7,90 € 5,50 €
Rush Ultra Strong (Black Label) 9,90 € 5,90 €
Rave Ultra Strong 8,90 € 5,90 €
Jungle Juice Ultra Strong 7,90 € 5,50 €

There have also discounts on big bottles, Poppers packs, sex toys, DVDs and clothes. Like Gay Porns for only 3 Euro.

Check out the shop and save your hard-earned money. Just click on the flag on the right side to buy your poppers online, save and discreet.

RUSH Poppers

Rush PoppersA famous classic among all Poppers we know is RUSH Poppers! It has already been developed in the 70ies by the US American John Miller, who founded the company PWD, and is for sure the most known and most popular product all over the world. RUSH has a very pleasant flavor that users appreciate especially. The flavor and the pureness of the product is guaranteed by the producer. You will find a little pellet in the bottle which prevents the decay of the liquid. Buying Rush means buying a clean and effective product.

But not only flavor and pureness are reasons why people like to buy Poppers RUSH. It is especially it’s effect which is appreciated since so many years. Even in our days people prefer to buy a Poppers  with which a lot of experiences have been made. By reading reports of others who have used RUSH, you will quickly recognize that this liquid will give you exactly, what you are looking for – an intense sexual experience! RUSH Poppers is used by homosexuals as well as by heterosexual people. Both trust this classic liquid that is not only used all over the world but has as well a great reputation since so many years among all worldwide users of Poppers.

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