Attention – this amyl nitrate Poppers is called EXPLOSIVE! And there is a good reason for it! You open the bottle, you will listen to this well-known popping sound and then you will inhale. Just wait a few seconds and then you will feel the effect! It will be like an explosion! Whatever you do, you will do it more intense than ever before. Having sex after using Poppers EXPLOSIVE might be an unknown experience. But you can be sure that it will make you explode like its name promises. An incredible climax is waiting for you and all you have to do is to open the little bottle.

Poppers EXPLOSIVE will be an unforgettable experience for you. You will like the crackerjack flavor. But the one thing, which you won’t forget is the very particular effect. The bottle has a little pellet in it to keep your poppers Explosive fresh. You can use it whenever you want, or whenever you want to explode again. Take it with you wherever you go as nobody knows when you will need it. Be prepared to make an awesome experience that will be overwhelming for you and for your partner. All that only because of this bottle which contains Poppers aroma EXPLOSIVE.

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