Alkyl nitrites

Alkyl nitrites are a group of chemical compounds that have been used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. These compounds are known for their ability to dilate blood vessels and are used in the treatment of angina pectoris, a condition characterized by chest pain due to insufficient blood flow to the heart. In this article, we will discuss the chemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology of alkyl nitrites.


Alkyl nitrites have the general formula R-ONO, where R represents an alkyl group. The alkyl group can vary and can include methyl, ethyl, propyl, and butyl. The nitrite functional group (-ONO) is an ester of nitrous acid, which is a weak acid that readily decomposes to form nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator, which means it can relax the smooth muscle of blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow.


Alkyl nitrites are usually administered via inhalation, and their effects are felt almost immediately. When inhaled, the nitrite compound is absorbed through the lungs and rapidly metabolized to form nitric oxide. Nitric oxide then causes relaxation of smooth muscle, leading to vasodilation and increased blood flow. This effect can last for a few minutes, after which the blood vessels return to their normal state.

The use of alkyl nitrites as a recreational drug is widespread, particularly among the LGBTQ+ community, who refer to them as “poppers.” Poppers are known for their short-term euphoric effects and their ability to enhance sexual pleasure.


While alkyl nitrites are generally safe when used as prescribed, they can be dangerous if used improperly. Inhaling too much of the compound can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can cause fainting, dizziness, and even a heart attack. Prolonged use of alkyl nitrites can also lead to methemoglobinemia, a condition where the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity is reduced. Symptoms of methemoglobinemia include bluish discoloration of the skin, shortness of breath, and fatigue.


Alkyl nitrites are a group of chemical compounds that have been used for medicinal and recreational purposes. They have a potent vasodilator effect, which makes them useful in the treatment of angina pectoris. However, their recreational use can be dangerous and can lead to serious health complications. Anyone using alkyl nitrites, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, should do so under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

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