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We take it to a new level: 40% off!!!

Hey there.

Here is a new offer for you. All order which worth over 19€ get one bottle of Rush for free!

Plus many discounts. Like Radikal poppers (by Rush) for just 5,90 € instead of 9,90 € … this is 40% off! We must be crazy, we know.

And also many other products are reduced at the moment. Like Rush Ultra Strong (Black Label) for just 6,90 € instead of 9,90 € (30% off). Same with Jungle Juice Poppers (Black Label), Rush Ultra Strong, Spunk and others. Also some of the packages are on sale now. Just check out the shop.

And don’t wait too long. This offer is valid till 28th February 2018.

Ultra Strong Poppers for sale

Right now we have several Ultra Strong Popper brands for sale. Save up to 40%.

Rush Ultra Strong for 7,90 € 5,50 €
Rush Ultra Strong (Black Label) 9,90 € 5,90 €
Rave Ultra Strong 8,90 € 5,90 €
Jungle Juice Ultra Strong 7,90 € 5,50 €

There have also discounts on big bottles, Poppers packs, sex toys, DVDs and clothes. Like Gay Porns for only 3 Euro.

Check out the shop and save your hard-earned money. Just click on the flag on the right side to buy your poppers online, save and discreet.