Sex & Poppers

In 1981, the gay activist Hank Wilson, founded in San Francisco the “Committee to Monitor Poppers”, which consisted of only one member – Wilson himself. Wilson became a pioneer of the fanatical Wilson Poppers movement in the United States. In the same year, a study, by the Commission for consumer safety, found out that Popper-room scents are the most risk-free consumer goods, which were ever brought to market.

Also in 1981, the Food and Drug Administration declared that no restrictive measures were needed against these products, because they “no demonstrable threat” posed.
Aroma Mix

Men, women, gays and straight people use the aroma for decades in order to improve their sex. In the gay scene is their use always been very popular. The market is now clearly focused while heterosexual, but their use is among gay men are still disproportionately higher. The reasons are obvious.

The high correlation between gay men and the use of Popper has suggested early in the 1980s for some researchers, a correlation between Poppers use and the occurrence of AIDS. Some researchers accounted for the assumed correlation long been a big deal. By the following findings and the voice of reason finally stopped.

So wrote the renowned AIDS researcher Dr. Bruce Voeller in a publication of the Mariposa Education and Research Foundation: “In short, the totally over-valued research on the relationship between “Poppers” and AIDS is showing that there is no relationship.” So, a relationship between Poppers and AIDS is not given!

Of course is it used for relaxation purposes as an aphrodisiac. Sex brings, particularly in his anal variant always risks, but their safety is aware of any reasonable adult. But the risk is through unprotected anal sex in the game and not through poppers. Herein was the fatal fallacy of many researchers in the 1980s.


Poppers are worldwide extremely popular and there comes more and more brands on the market. If you select carefully in order not to fall to low quality and gutting – and to secure your own welfare. Because we have determined that it is ultimately the purity of the brand that guarantees your safety – and of course your pleasure.

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